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Okay to use DDR3 _not_ on MOBO "Approved" list?

I'm getting an Asrock A75 Extreme6 MOBO but the specific model no. of 1600MHz Dual-Channel Corsair memory I'm interested in isn't listed. Asrock's Approved Memory list for this MOBO is here:

They only have 3 models of Corsair in the 1600MHz listed:

The kit I'm looking at is
CORSAIR 8 GB (2 X 4 GB) 1600mHz Dual Channel Memory Kit DDR3 240-Pin SDRAM PC3-12800

Do you think I'll be okay to order these two? The board can obviously take 1600MHz Dual-Channel. Thanks.

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  1. Try searching online to see if anyone is using them. Personally I'm also using memory sticks which are not listed on the motherboard's manufacturer website but it's running fine
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    It will most likely work, most of those web sites take forever to update their data. Corsair is good memory, you should have no problem with that.
  3. Most likely yes, try checking corsairs site, often the RAM vendors will also have an approved MOBO list (which is shorter and easier to maintain...)
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