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Which Mobo should i get?

Hi guys im looking for an msi mobo in 150$ price bracket i need a good one. i will most likeley go with the core i7 2600k. i need the board to be overclocking friendley. and if possible usb 3.0 im basically looking for a board thats good but i dont know which one to get. Whats better for gaming i5 2500k or i7 2600k? i will only be using this rig for gaming. :bounce:

Any replies will be greatley appriciated. :bounce:
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    ASUS P8Z68-V is a decent choice.
    As for the CPUs,go with i5 2500k.It's only 100MHz slower than 2600k which isn't at all notable
  2. ok thanks im set on MSI but if you say ASUS then ill go with that if its better.
  3. sorry im new what dos MODERATOR mean?
  4. MSI is also a decent brand(so is the ASROCK Z68 that poster above mentioned).I personally like ASUS and always had great experience with their products,that's why I usually recommend them.
  5. did you get the pro edition or what?
  6. No I got the non-pro edition
  7. ok thanks one more question my posts just went orange???? not blue????
  8. I'm sorry,what ? which posts ?
  9. @Mazair:
    He or she is confused about the design of the forums, wondering what a moderator is and the orange and blue flags.

    Moderators keep the forums in check by closing threads, deleting spam, removing offensive posts/threads, and other such things. Administrators are the same as moderators, except they can configure the permissions of each category, name them, add new ones, delete existing ones, and much more. As to the flags, orange ones represent threads you've read and blue ones represent ones you've responded to (this one should be blue). The color is strong if new messages are present, fainter if nothing is present.

    Edit: if you're into a lot of video processing (video encoding or transcoding), then you might consider the i7-2600K for the quad core. Otherwise, the i5-2500K would be sufficient enough and it should easily overclock considerably, even 1 GHz more (with the right RAM, PSU, motherboard, etc.).
  10. Oh I see :)
    Well,a moderator is someone who moderates the forums such as editing posts,moving/deleting/merging topics etc.
    As for the flags,well the blue flag means a reply(or more) have been posted to the topic which you posted in or created and the red flags show the topic that you've visited but not posted.
  11. ok thanks just an update i cannot afford the i7 2600k i most likeley will be getting the i5 2500k. Which is better for gaming? im going to overclock.
  12. Don't worry,like I said the difference between them isn't notable at all,get the 2500k and OC it
  13. ok thanks very much. Will overclocking by using msi's overclocking geine work? you know that button you click on the mobo itself? also i was wondering about if it would work because some people on the internet say something about the voltage not being high enough or too low?
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  15. i cannot afford the mobo you recommended because the import duties and shipping comes to R1000 and then the actual mobo costs alot
  16. I wouldn't recommend software OC'ng(Using Genie)because it may make your system unstable since it doesn't let you change most options(such as the voltage)
  17. ok thanks i am a noob when it comes to overclocking so i might not overclock then but maby you could tell me how to overclock easily? i mean like not hard at all PLZ.
  18. Check the overclocking section of the forums,you'll find lots of useful articles there.
  19. ok tanks i ended up getting the core i7 2600k and MSI Z68A-GD65
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