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Is my AMD 965BE bottlenecking?

I'm trying to hit a few birds with one stone here, bear with me.

So I was wondering, I built the computer I am using now back in February and it runs great. It's pretty quick and I even overclocked my processor to 3.8GHZ (hopefully correctly). I heard that the core used in the 965 is a rather old core and was not a very high performance chip. I was just wondering if it would be the bottleneck of my system and would be bottlenecking my Radeon 6950 (with the AMD PCB, the reference one)

I would like to get a new motherboard also, since the one I have and all of you agree is probably not the best for gaming on. I'm not so sure you can actually install a new motherboard without installing a new OS or re-installing it, which I don't want to do at all.

Also, sorry for asking so many questions, but I recently came across 2 Radeon 5770 cards and was wondering ifin crossfire if they would perform better than a single 6950. I like my 6950 though and probably won't swap it out.

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  1. No bottlenecking from the cpu at all. Phenom II x 4 965BE is a Phenominal (heh) chip. Great performance, and you should not see any bottlenecking with one, possibly even 2 6950's in CFx.
  2. you are better off getting another 6950 btw...
  3. Would I be able to install a new motherboard though that supports CF without re installing the OS?
  4. The two 5770's are great, I have used them in a build for someone before, but I wouldn't say they are better than the 6950. And if you don't plan on gaming higher than 1080, CFing 6950's aren't super necesary. And no, the OS is fine when switching out CPU's and Mobo's. After you get new drivers installed it works fine, I have done it many times in the past. The OS is all in your HDD.
  5. One other thing, if I were to do this (getting a new mobo and such) I don't think my PSU has enough 6-pin PCI-E ports to support two 6950's in CF. Its an Ultra LSP 750W, yet I have alot of things running on the PSU, like 4 hard drives, 2 IDE optical drives, a TV tuner and such. Should I also get a new PSU as well?
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    Yeah, you would want a more beefy PSU for 6950's in CF. But again...
    This below is going to be the most that card is going to be pushed for a while in 1080p anyway:,3063-12.html

    On high settings here you are breaking 60fps,3063-8.html,3063-11.html
    This is your benefit for CFing that card. Bear in mind that anything over 60fps is UNNOTICABLE to your eyes. AND you would want VSYNC on anyway. That locks the fps count at 60 to prevent screen tearing. I mean, those cards CFed would be a BEAST of a machine, but by the time that power is needed, the next cards would be released. I'd really only drop that cash for two reasons:
    1. You want a BEAST that anhialates ANYTHING
    2. You have a high end or plan on getting a high end monitor with rez at either 1900x1200 or 2560x1600.
  7. Regardless being a 750W because it's very sufficient for all your needs including 2 HD 6950s in CF, It's a low end PSU, if it supports CF/SLi it should have at least 4 X 6+2 pin PCIE connectors, but it doesn't have which drives me to know that it doesn't deliver the written wattage. And using Molex adapter on this PSU is not safe.

    So any quality branded 700-750W PSU (Antec, Corsair, NZXT) will handle all your system just fine.

    Talking about the Bottleneck, you get only a CPU bottleneck when the CPU is not capable of handling the game or you have excess of GPU power, just OC your CPU a litle bit higher (4.0 GHz) and you're good to go.
  8. I don't have enough connectors for that tho, I only have 2 6-pin connectors. do you think I could possible just use molex for all of them or would that be pushing it?
  9. I would love to know how you managed to get an OS to boot properly (without registration of another key) after changing out the MoBo. I have never been able to do this, and have been a firm believer that the OS is tied directly to the HDD &&& the MoBo.
  10. Only thing i know of is the "family pack" that comes with sometimes a couple of upgrades, if only registered with 1 pc. an OEM OS has never done that for me.
  11. Deemo13 said:
    I don't have enough connectors for that tho, I only have 2 6-pin connectors. do you think I could possible just use molex for all of them or would that be pushing it?

    If it's a quality PSU i would recommend that, but i guess you gotta change that PSU too.
    Again, a Quality branded 700W will handle all your system just fine.
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