Which 6950 for a Silverstone Fortress FT02?

Short version: will this sapphire 6950 work well in the FT02 chassi? If not, what 6950 2gb would?

Long version:
I'm going to build a computer soon. I've decided pretty much everything. The only question left is which 6950 2gb graphics card to get. Since I'll be getting the FT02 chassi I need a graphics card with a cooler that work with a rotated motherboard. I feel my understanding of how fans and heatpipes work is far from perfect and I'm also having trouble finding information about how they work for specific cards.

I can get a pretty good price for the card linked to above, so that's my first choice. If that won't work two other options I'm looking at are to go with the stock cooler or Asus DirectCU II. I can get other cards too, if there's a better one and it isn't too pricey (already over budget :().

So, will these cards work with the 90° rotated motherboard? Also, is there a not too complicated way for me to figure out if a card will work with it?

(I'm in Sweden. Prices in other countries aren't necessarily the same.)
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  1. Yes, that should sapphire dirt 3 edition should work. It is a shorter card than the asus direct cu ii one.

    Both are also very quiet :)
  2. Thanks for the reply but I think you misunderstood me. I'm not asking about the length, I'm asking if they work well with the 90° rotation of the motherboard in the case.
  3. The motherboard rotation wont make any difference. The fans are attached to the card and will work the same if placed upside down or back to front.

    The only issues to consider when it comes down to graphics cards is that they arent too long to fit inside the case.

    As for layout and rotation, it makes no difference. Your PC would still function if you held it upside down - ALTHOUGH I WOULDN'T RECOMMEND TRYING!
  4. ^ They should be fine, but a card with blower cooler would be better as it would exhaust the hot air out through the rear vents thus aiding in even better cooling,...
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