AMD Radeon HD 6950 Frame Rate issues

Hey there Tomshardware, I've recently purchased an AMD 6950 and immediately I've begun to have frame rate issues in StarCraft 2.

I am getting 25 FPS on Ultra Settings in certain situations where my other computer that sports a 6850 and an overall similar configuration is getting a much higher number to the tune of 40 FPS.

My configuration is the following

AMD 955 BE OC'd@ 3.75ghz
AMD Radeon HD 6950 1GB
500GB HDD 7,200RPM
Corsair H50
4GB DDR3 1333mhz
CoolerMaster HAAF 922

alternate computer

AMD 965@ 3.4 ghz
AMD HD 6850
The rest of the specs are the same with the exception of the case.

Also in the starting phase of the game the 6950 reaches 83 FPS and the 6850 reaches 100 and sometimes higher.

I have a 700Watt PSU in both as well, the GPU and CPU both are not overheating at all. Everything appears to have enough power. I have noticed though, that when my framerate drops the GPU usage does not go up, in fact I'll be at 25 FPS and the GPU is only 80% in use and the CPU is doing fine. Chilling at 45C.

Drivers have been clean installed, and are up to date.
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  1. Do you have any AA settings that are forced on in the CCC, or have a different AA mode? Is there a resolution difference between the two computer's monitors?
  2. ^ +1. also could be vsync on/off? mayb try swapping the vid cards around between computers.
  3. could be because the processor is overclocked to high and is unstable? is the whole system new?
  4. I have tried the CPU overclocked and at standard clocks, no difference between them actually. There are no forced AA or any other overrides for application settings.

    Vsync is on for both computer, turning off Vysnc improved frames on both computers but the other remained at a higher FPS
  5. They are running at the same Resolution?
  6. Yes both machines are running at 1900x1080
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