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SILVERSTONE ST50F-ES 500W vs Cooler Master GX 550W

I'm planning to buy a new PSU this coming Christmas to replace my FSP Supersonic FSP500-60APN 500W I bought last August.

My current system is:
2x4GB Kingston DDR3-1333
500GB Caviar Blue
PowerColor HD6790

I'm looking at single rail 12V but with my price range and products availability, I narrowed my choices to this two PSU.

So which one do you think is better?

SILVERSTONE ST50F-ES 500W or Cooler Master GX 550W?
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  1. why the upgrade?

    silverstone tends to be a solid brand and I would go with them. The GX 550w will do the job, the series tends to be basic in performance to other quality 500w units.

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  2. Cooler Master PSU (especially the low end) are pretty cruddy, the FSP PSU you have now would be better.)

    Why are you upgrading anyways?

    The Silverstone unit wins hands down, they are of quite a high quality.
  3. Just in case something was fried.

    They say 1 12v rail is better than two. FSP has two rails.
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    CM GX units should be avoided = not very good
    The Silverstone is much better.
    If nothing is wrong with your current unit why change it?
    I'd buy a Corsair or an XFX over a Silverstone though if you absolutely think you need a single rail unit.
  5. roniellodelmoro said:
    Just in case something was fried.

    They say 1 12v rail is better than two. FSP has two rails.

    what do you mean "something was fried"? Does your current PSU work or is it dead?

    actually the FSP has one rail that has been split in two (as do most PSU who state multi-rails but are under 1000w) so the whole argument of single rail vs multi is moot at 500w. The real question should be "does your current PSU work?" if not "what is the best quality PSU you can get that will do the job?"
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