New Studio Computer, need some suggestions..

If you know much about home recording please chime in.
I currently am running a 10.5.9 MACOSX system with ProTools and Digi hardware, a few pre's and some other niceties. Recently, I've wanted to stray away from this and go to a PC based studio running REAPER.
I want to build a new machine that can handle this but have only ever built gaming pc's, and even then, this was several years ago and I'm kinda out of the loop hardware-wise.

I'm looking to spend around 6-800 total (cheaper the better, as always. upgradability is a plus.)
I don't really need insane graphics, primarily processing power and SPEED for I/O of audio signals. I MUST HAVE FIREWIRE for external drives running loads of info to and from. I'm really trying to build a system that won't be outdated in 2 years and that can handle at least 24 tracks simultaneously. I'll likely stray away from the digi hardware and go to something a bit more accessible like presonus or maybe something else..

Anyways, if anyone could suggest some barebones components that would excell at this that would be great. Really, just need a fast HDD, FAST RAM, and a fast mobo, methinks. I would actually like it to be as quiet as possible for obvious reasons but liquid cooling is out of the question (at least for now.)

thanks fellow geeks!
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  1. This board works ok if you have a regular htpc case: but newegg raised the price back to $120. I only paid $45 for it several months ago. It has everything and runs well with a sempron 140. For Intel, this are two examples of 1155, the latest Intel socket. Use newegg's advance search option to select the type of ports you desire.
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