4 dimms vs 2 dimms alienware M17x

i will be getting into my first alienware laptop here in a few days. i have a $2,200 budget and after setting up my initial rig i decided to drop from W7U to W7HP and from 16GB of RAM to 6 so i could get a better GPU because i cant instal a GPU later but i can do the other 2. my question is on there site from 6-8 gigs it says 2 dimms and above that it says 4 dimms. does this mean that there is something different with the motherboard that will keep me from later upgrading to the 16 gigs i want? also if not do you all have any recommendations, and info as to why you recommend that product?
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  1. alienware laptops have removable GPU's btw :P

    you can get 8GB dimms so you would still be able to upgrade to 16GB even if it only has 2 slots
  2. but isnt it true its better to run (4) 4 gigs over (2) 8 gigs?
  3. Given exactly the same price, and same total amount of memory, of the same specs.

    It is very slghtly better to run 2 sticks, there are less slots to address. Timing is slightly reduced when running with 4sticks; but it is a very minor difference.

    Use it only as a tiebreaker. If choice is between 16gb vs 8gb; or saving a decent amount of money, use one of those factors instead.
  4. ok so if i choose the 6 gig 2 dimm option more than likely there will be 2 more slots i can use? and if so i can get an extra 16 gigs 2x8 and just put them in with no problem or will the different sizes effect proformance? also something about sandy bridge, whatever that is...
  5. if your running somthing like 1x8GB and 1X4GB it will likely run single channel and have lower performance
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