Default behavior for CPUTIN temp on ASUS P8C WS (& P8B WS) ?

Just built a new server/workstation box with ASUS P8C WS motherboard (CPU: Intel E3-1245v2 & 4x4GB ECC RAM). Used AIDA64/HWMonitor after OS install (Win7 64bit) to look at a few stats. There a high CPUTIN temperature jumped out at me at around 93C/199F(+/-2C). After some google'ing, finding lots about wild and high CPUTIN values, especially with ASUS, it looks ok. Have also touched by hand most hotspot parts on motherboard (CPU / RAM / chipset). No problems with temp, other values ok also (CPU core/package). BIOS temps for MB & CPU also ok. Looks like MB/BIOS temp maps to SYSTIN, and CPU/BIOS temp to TMPIN3. After this I also took a second look at an older build with ASUS P8B WS motherboard. Similar behavior there, hovering around 86C/185F(+/-2C).

Anyone have the ASUS P8C WS or P8B WS motherboard. Do you get same result ?

Or is this something I should look more into ?

Below are two screendumps from HWMonitor on these two builds:

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  1. It's just a bad temp sensor or a software glitch.
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