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I have been attempting to have direct tv installed in a vacation home at the beach. I only intend to visit there 4 or 5 weekends a year and dont want to pay for a new service. After some research it looks like my best options are to buy a receiver off the internet with a good rid no. and then a new access card from direct tv. or possibly purchase an RV satalite dish and receiver. Any suggestions will be appreciated.
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  1. (1) Lookup 'over the air' TV for your vacation house's zip code. Maybe be you can get the channels you want the old fashioned way with an antennae vs. a sat dish. Is the beach in a populated area or are you all alone in the woods ?
    (2) I could live w/o TV forever, but no internet??? If you have internet then you can rebroadcast TV from your home to your vacation home over the internet. Many boxes sold do this. Or you can watch TV over the internet if the channel selection is OK for you. If no internet, then forget this.
    (3) Many devices let you record your favorite shows to hard drive, then later replay them. This won't let you see the most recent episode or live sports, but if all you want is young kids TV or some droning noise in the background this works great, and you can skip past commercials. Record at home, then use a laptop with s-video out to connect to the TV, or use a TV with an HDMI connection.
  2. Thanks, these are all good possible good options, however I am looking for some clear reception for news programs and possible tsunami warnings. There are some network channels on uhf repeaters broadcast apx 50 miles away but reception is limited. It would just make life much more simple if Direct TV would just allow another receiver at a second location.
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