How to SLI XFX GTS 250

I have a gts 50 1gb graphics card by xfx.If i want to make a 2way sli what would i need.I know about power supply and sli ready mother board.But which nvidia Graphics card will be better suited with xfx gts 250 1gb?
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  1. You can use any GTS 250 with your current card but it's recommended going with the model that offers the same speed as your current card
  2. Same speed means same core clock and memory or memory type(GDDR3)? And can i use any other Geforce GTS card other than GTS250?What r their model name?
  3. Yes.
    And you can use another GTS 250 from any other brand(XFX,EVGA,MSI etc.)
  4. ok iam getting what i need...thanks guys.though i am not clear about another issue...i know i can sli gts 250 with 9800gtx+.but can i do it with other models of 9800(9800gt,9800gx2,9800gtx)
  5. No you can't.

    P.S if you need more info about SLI/CF,check the SLI/CF FAQ(which is in my sig)
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