Any cons of Micro ATX?

Do ATX motherboards do anything that a micro atx board can't do?

I want to do a new system build, and I've been looking into the Maximus V Gene, a micro atx ROG motherboard

Any disadvantages of using a Micro Atx Motherboard?

I know that most micro atx boards can't sli/xfire, but I don't really care for either.
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  1. Aside from what you already mentioned you have other size related ''problems''. Bigger boards will very likely have more USB ports,PCI/PCI-E slots and they are easier to keep cool since components are more spread out. There could be some others tho
  2. Okay, thats fine. My rig I'm building has 4 120mm fans, a 200mm, 92mm, a corsair h80 push pull (thats 2 of the 120mm fans) and an asus 7870 with a directcu cooler in a very well ventilated case. I was just wondering if performance was different. Thank you.
  3. There is no problem at all. The only diference between Micro-atx and atx is that the atx has 3 extra slots. As far as I/O on the backplated,, they are the same and the chipset is the same, so same TDP
  4. okay thanks.
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