Can I use 2 dvi to hdmi adapters then dp to vga for my 3rd monitor?

I am currently running 2x sapphire toxic hd 6850 crossfire and I was wondering if it where possible to use 2 dvi to hdmi adapters on the dvi ports to run 2 monitors offf hdmi and the third with an active mini dp to vga for my older monitor that has only vga.. my other 2 monitors have vga/hdmi no dvi-d in. thanks
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  1. Do you currently own all 3 of these monitors? If so, It can't hurt to try? If not, then I assume you would be able to, but that's just an assumption, I'm not 100% positive you can yet. Someone correct me if I'm wrong.
  2. yes I own all 3 monitors they are 23 inch got them from staples when flat screens first started coming out there.
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    Yeah you can use any combination of outputs as long as the third one is dp or mini dp with an active adaptor.
  4. ok thank you so much!!!
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