Slow frame rate while playing Mafia 2

Hi guys,

I can play almost all games at max (resolution 1600 x 900). But yesterday i started playing mafia 2, but after playing for about 60-75 mins when i entered into gunfire combat scene, fps rate went down drastically. like from 40 fps to almost 5 fps.

I have set physx eneble @ high.

Does this have any concern with allhigh settings or just phyxs.

Thanks in advance for ur reply.

Have a nice day... ;)
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  1. Based on your sig you have a amd card which does not support physx is running on your cpu which cannot make those calculations so just turn of physx and play the game or buy a dedicated nvidia graphic card just for physx
  2. physx is your problem. turn it off or set it to low. If you want it on high you need a dedicated physx card which needs to be Nvidia. Nvidia has restricted physx so it can only be processed on their cards or a CPU. Processing on CPU is extremely slow (which is what is happening to you). You wont notice much visual diff by turning it off, just a bit less smoke and less particle effects. better than having 5 fps.
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