Windows GodMode Folder

A co-worker showed me this Windows feature. I am not taking credit for finding it.

Create a new folder and rename it:


It will self populate with most Windows settings available to you in one place. I created it on my Desktop using Win7-64. It supposedly works with Vista 32 but may have issues with Vista 64. Not tested by me.

If posted before - my apologies. I did not find it with a search.
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  1. I haven't seen this before, I'll give it a shot on the Vist64 install and let you know.
  2. Very Cool !!!
    It works in my 64-bit versions of Win2K8 (vista) and Win2K8-R2 (win7)

    Love it!
  3. it doesnt work on windows XP 32
    it might have to do something with having no rights, or does it take some time?

    gonna try it on my W7 64 at home though!
  4. GodMode, thats sounds interesting, will give it a go to see what happens


  5. Sounds like it should of been the control panel originally....
    Its like we've taken steps back in technology. Lets hide the CP features!!
    Anyone know if theres an mouse acceleration option in there?
    The folder probably just contains all the functions in CPanel. Why would u launch an O/S with no way to disable mouse acceleration...
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