Win. 8 - New Build, ERRORS!!

I recently built a brand new rig, and am having some serious trouble with Windows 8. The build includes:
TA75M+ Motherboard, with 3.2ghz quad core processor, 16G of Geil DDR3, and a 1.5Tb Sata Hard Drive.
Extras - USB External DVD ROM, PS/2 mouse and USB keyboard.

Here are the problems, in rank of importance.
1- This PC was built, to allow me to do Design and Graphic work, and once having everything installed (Windows 7 first, then upgraded to 8, then installed all Drivers from the M-Board CD. HOWEVER I cannot get my Adobe CS Master Collection to install. It runs for about 15 minutes and EVERY time will not install on the system, I have tried several forums and it seems to be fairly common, but I have found NO good answers. (I also tried rolling back to Win 7, b/c I currently have CS3 on my laptop running 7. However, no luck with that either.)

2- I have been using an old PS/2 mouse, and just had the new USB one I ordered show up. It refuses to read. I have tried these methods:
-Turn off and plug direct into USB, then restart.
-Turn off and plug into PS/2 via a USB adapter.
-I have tried plugging it in live, as well as re-installing the drivers and USB hubs.
--Now the strange part: I then tried this mouse on my laptop, running Win. 7, and it ran fine for about 10 minutes. Then it started to pick up and drop the signal (figured by the sounds it made) and then quit reading the mouse altogether. Even after a few restarts... I got nothing.

3- Had issues with the "Win. 8 Lag" that is apparently pretty common with some of the updates, but after doing the new Windows "Refresh", I haven't had much problem with this, but any insight would be great.

So all that to say... Windows pretty much sucks. BUT I still need to get these figured out to get it running correctly. :fou:
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  1. Hi :)

    Too WHAT PRECISELY are your questions ?

    All the best Brett :)
  2. 1- Why can't I get Adobe CS3 to install?

    2- Why won't the mouse I'm trying to use install, through ps/2 or USB port.

    3- Are there any ways to fix the win. 8 lag, on the internet connections?
  3. looking around on the web it appears that a lot of people are having trouble getting CS3 to work on Windows 8, but you said that you could not get it to work with Windows 7 which it does work with. Also the mouse should work with both Windows 7 and 8. These two separate problems may have the common cause of memory error. Test the memory with memtest86 for at least three passes (preferably more) to test the memory, try with only one stick of memory etc.
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