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I dont know what is (no delay tcp) in network icontrol option
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  1. if you don't really need to use it, the consensus here is just uninstall it.

    Even idle it will consume cpu.

    People have also been reporting that it is buggy and affects your max uploads/download speed.
  2. Many users complain about that feature, I personally think its noting that is needed.
  3. this network icontrol in asus suite ii , you mean that i have to delete asus suite ii ? . and what is the other features that is bad as you say to delete it ? .
  4. I think they are trying to say that it's very likely that it's either vaporware (not functional like claimed). Or might even cause issues all by it self, so it would be a good choice to not have it installed unless you have a specific and critical reason to use it.
  5. My problem was that my network connection was dropped. I am using Windows 7 64-bit with AI Suite II. After switching users, then logging out of one of the users, then logging back in to an active user, my network connection was disconnected. I was able to restore the link by disabling then re-enabling the network adapter. Then I saw complaints about Network iControl. After I went into AI Suite II (I am on the latest release), I disabled the Network iControl piece. I did not uninstall the whole AI Suite II, just the Network iControl. Problem solved. My network link stay up after multiple login and log out to various users on my system. This is probably not a problem for most users but it was hard to diagnose and resolve. Hopefully this will save the next user some time.
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