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This has been asked several times before yes i know, but my situation is alittle different. My current system is a evga x583x sli, i7 920, 12gb corsair dominator, and prolimatech megahalems. I was tempted to upgrade to sandybridge 2600k, but only if i was able to sell my current system for the right price. Someone has offered me $500 for the above components. So my question is should i take the 500 now and upgrade for little cost, or wait for ivy bridge/lga 2011 and risk taking big drop in price of my current system.

The general consensus is to just wait since my computer is still fairly fast, but i dont like the idea of spending tons of money down the road.

Another reason i like the thought of upgrading is for sata III, and usb 3.0, since i'm also looking for a ssd.
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  1. whats your current system used for?
  2. little bit of everything, gaming and also some photoshop/video editing. Also run virtual machines.
  3. you really dont need to change your computer at all u wont notice much going from the i7 920 to the 2600k
  4. I would just hold on to what you have and wait for a while to upgrade.
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