Help me buy a VGA card!

I am looking for an Nvidia VGA for my 3-4 year old PC.

My OS is Windows XP
Resolution 1680x1050
Core 2 Duo 2.6 Ghz
NVidia 8800 GTS 512mb (G92)
4 GB Ram 800mhz
GIGABYTE motherboard (forgot the chipset)

I don't want SLI and I don't want ATI cards. So, I want a single NVidia VGA card that would boost my gaming experience and FPS as much as possible. My budget is open as long as the value is good. But I think I'm considering something not more than $400 but should give a big and obvious boost in performance (I think my processor is the bottleneck here?).

I will buy it from Amazon, I don't care about discounts. It would be good if you recommend a manufacturer (an award winning for a specific Nvidia model?) I have great experience with EVGA.

Thank you!
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  1. Well, the 460 1gb is generally seen as a good value. It overclocks well. However, it seems a little below your price range.
    Yeah, your processor will become the bottleneck eventually.
  2. Thank you Kajabla for your help!

    I also think the 460 1gb is a good option but which one should I get? what's the difference between 460 GT/GTX..etc? and which manufactuere/model (MSI, EVGA..etc?)
  3. I will buy some random 460 1gb VGA card. But I'd really appreciate some input regarding which manufacturerer should I go with. Or even if I should pick the new 560 VGA card?
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