Phenom 955 quad core black temperature question

I have the Phenom II X4 black edition processor ( )

I idle around 35c, but when I play any graphically intense game (bf3 for instance) it gets up above what coretemp lists as the TJmax (70c).

The processor routinely stays above 70c when playing a graphically intense game, usually between 72 and 74c, and it has hit 79c as its high mark. It has never self shut down and I've owned it for a year. Is that temperature too high?
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    Hi and welcome to Tom's forum.

    Are you using the stock cooler right? Those temps are normal for the stock cooler but I recommend you clean your rig and maybe add a better cooler for the CPU.
  2. What kind of case do you have?
  3. 79'C over a year? It's a bit high, just like the other says above, make sure all components are free from dust, use compressed air and re-apply the thermal paste. If that's not help then it's time to buy an aftermarket cooler...
  4. The stock fan and heatsink can only do so much and thats why alot of people switch the stock fan/heatsink with an aftermarket one. The Hyper 212 is a great fan/heatsink and it does a great job of keeping your cpu cool even when overclocked. The down side to it though is its huge and very tall so you have to make sure your case has the width space to make it fit. If it does not fit I have heard good things about this fan/heatsink from artic cooler- [...] 6835186039
  5. hey guys sorry about the delay in response, I thought I had email notifications turned on but I obviously did not.

    To answer the questions, (thanks for being so responsive btw everyone)

    My case is this:

    its fairly old but pretty good. I have a 120MM fan in the back blowing out and fans on the side and top blowing in. I de-dust it fairly frequently, although I havent de-dusted the actual heatsink like ever I don't think. But the temps have always been around that high since I got it.

    I have the stock cooler, never reapplied or used arctic silver etc. I guess my real question was is there any harm in just letting it ride if it routinely hits 74c and spikes to 79c? Or will that kill it inside of a year or something ridiculous? I hate applying heatsinks :D
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    fans in the back and on the top need to blow out..
    you need to change those top fans, -10C possibly right there case wise.

    the reason i have it set like it is is because the top fan and side fan are pretty small, and the back fan is large. Trying to keep the air flow in the same as the amount being pushed out. I thought having the little side fan as the only intake may make it even hotter. But I'll give it a shot, nothing to lose it's already as hot as it can possibly be :D
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    as for re-applying heatsink, if your confident you didn't use too much like I also suspect then try it with just changing fans.

    heh, I used the stock heat sink pad that came on the heat sink (no arctic silver)

    so yeah, I'm a pro
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