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What kind of USB wireless adapters are there that can work with my Desktop PC? I'd rather not have to use a slot in my motherboard that way I can use said slot for a graphics card.

Here is the motherboard I use right now.

For now all I really want to know is what kind of USB wireless adapters that can work with my computer. I can't buy one off of newegg or something, so it would have to be from a store like Best Buy. That's part of the reason why it'd be great if I could get a selection of USBs I could use or the type of USBs I could use.
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  1. Do I have to worry about compatibility with the router as well?
  2. Hi,
    Any USB wireless device (preferably from a mainstream manufacture (TP-link, ASUS, Linksys, etc)) will work with your PC.

    Good question about compatibility with the router.
    1) Look at the router for the model number (for example D-link DSL-G604T)
    2) Google the model number and go to the manufacture's website
    3) Look for 802.11 and if it is
    802.11b, 802.11g or 802.11n (note: it can be a combination and 802.11n is backwards compatible with g and b)

    Safe option is a 802.11n wireless USB device by tp-link (cheap, 3 yr warranty, good quality)

    I don't live in the UK (I live in New Zealand but use GB English) so I can't help you with a good store but I am sure you will find a good deal.
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