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How big of a CPU fan will be able to fit in the nMEDIAPC wooden case?

I want to know before I buy how big of a CPU cooler would be able to fit in this case:

I've been looking at the Zalman CNPS9500A-LED ( ), but I don't know if it'll fit or if I need to look for a smaller CPU cooler, or if I could actually get a bigger cooler. Looking at the reviews, though, the case doesn't have a lot of room for CPU coolers.

Thanks in advance!
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  1. The top thing can be a problem but if you ignore that part the cooler fit in the case without problems.
  2. The "top thing?" Are you referring to the drive tray? And what exactly do you mean by ignoring it? Do you mean removing it?
  3. Correct, the drive tray and removing it is possible fit the cooler. The problem would be where install the other components.

    A low profile cooler like the listed in this page:
  4. Dang...

    I looked at the link you provided, and I couldn't find any LGA 1155 compatible CPU coolers. I'll probably be waiting for Ivy bridge to come out, and using the most powerful CPU from Ivy bridge that I can afford. Would it be reasonable to expect a low-profile cooler to be able to handle that?
  5. All the 1156 are compatible with 1155 sockets. The low profile cooler can give you better temps and the option to overclock your CPU (if the CPU support overclock).

    Another option is contact to the manufacturer and try to find an answer about the max cooler that you can fit inside the case.
  6. Thanks, I'll contact nMEDIAPC about the size allowed for CPU coolers.

    So what you're saying is that any given 1156-compatible CPU cooler will also be compatible with 1155? I just want to make sure.

    Also, I will not be overclocking; I just want to have a more stable system, and I almost never use stock coolers.
  7. stock will be fine, unless you have a thermally constrained case.
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    Correct, the 1156 holes size are the same for the 1155. Since you don't want overclock a good options would be the Geminii S:
  9. To saint19: Thanks for the suggestion. I'll probably get the Geminii S.

    To 13thmonkey: I've read reviews for quite a few processors, and most of the reviews recommend getting an aftermarket cooler to increase performance and to get a more stable system. Even if a stock cooler will do the job, I want the increased performance and stability.
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