Is my new memory hurting my baby???

Hi everyone, can someone tell me am I missing something or are there compatibility issues somewhere in my rig? I am getting power up - then down after 5 or so seconds, then powers up again and repeats, this all after after installing new memory.

Here's the scoop:

Intel Core i5 2500K 3.3GHz 6MB
MSI P67A-G45 (B3) P67
Kingston 6GB (3x2GB) DDR3 1600MHz
Antec 620W High Current Gamer PSU

and introduced these:

G Skill F3 - 12800CL9D 8GBXL 1.50v DDR3 1600 units.

Nothing is OC'd

I brought it to a friend, (someone more in touch with the workings) and he said it was the new memory that is sending it into the shutdown state. He said he removed them and it powered up ok. (I thought I tried that and it didnt work)

I had the two 2bg sticks in there in slots 1 & 3
I put the new sticks in 2 & 4.

What went wrong, please HELP ME?

Im only new enough to PC building so, be gentle please! :)

Huge thanks,

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  1. Are you saying you mixed the two types of memory, using both at the same time? If so that is the problem as mixing brands, models and sizes will almost always cause problems. If you want to add memory you need to add exactly the same module you already have to be 100% sure of no problems. Also I can see no reason why what you did could injure your child. You should not let children play with electrical equipment.
  2. As DogSnake said, don't mix different RAM models. Also, stick to dual-channel kits for an LGA 1155 build. Use the G.Skill instead of the Kingston.
  3. Ahhhh... ok so I was jokingly referring to my PC as my baby. ANyways, ok so I had thought that you could mix brands and sizes without much issue and that the timings and voltage were not to be mixed?

    So could these work ok in my system?

    Or could you recommend any others? Is it possible to keep my current ones and add larger ones to increase the memory?
  4. You can still use the G.Skill RAM you have, but not the Kingston. If you ever want to add more RAM, get the same exact model as the G.Skill that you bought.
  5. I think DogSnake was being facetious too, lol.

    Most likely the problem that you were running into was with the CAS Latency and the memory timings.

    In my opinion, find a dual channel kit the same as G.Skill memory you got from your friend and use those four RAM modules.
  6. Just tried them on their own, works perfect. Man do I feel like a tool.... AND I just realised the Kingston sticks are 1.65v.

    Jeeeesus. :(

    Sorry for the idiocy guys.

    But thanks for the help!!! :)
  7. It's okay. I've done rookie mistakes much more embarrassing than this. You can ran RAM with 1.65V on the LGA 1155 platform (mine runs at that kind of voltage), but the LGA 1155 platform isn't designed to support triple channel RAM.
  8. Glad it worked out and say hi to you kid for us ........rofl
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