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I am going to upgrade in the next 2 months on a very very tight budget..Coming from a am2+ platform with p ii x2 555 4gb 800mhz ram and a gts 450... thinking about this..

1. asrock z68 pro3 gen3 mobo

2. core i3 2120

3. 8 gb gskill 1333mhz sniper

4. sentey optimus extreme case

5. his radeon 6850

6. win 7 64bit oem

total cost newegg 591.94
Honestly it 100.00 bucks more than i should spend but i picked the mobo for up coming ivy bridge..
willing to stay with amd but not sure since bulldozer was sub par any thoughts??
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  1. Nice lower midrange setup with plenty of upgrade possibilities!
  2. Great build. Not super high-end, but it's something that will perform very well. I would consider dropping down to an i3 2100 and using the extra money to get an AsRock Extreme3 Gen3 (only $10 more than your current MoBo, but has PCI-E 3.0). The extra MHz on an i3 2120 won't be felt.
  3. that mobo has 1 pci 3.0 atleast thats what asrocks website says thx for the advise i will look into the extreme3 gen3
  4. It is pretty much 1 vs 2! The Extreme if you want to Crossfire later
  5. yes i switched mobo to extreme3 and cpu to 2100 should i ditch the 6850 for 3 gts 450's since i have one already or stick with the raden?
  6. sorry 2 gts 450's
  7. I would stick with the 6850 and then possible add another one later.
  8. thats what i figured thx.
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