Gtx 460 or 5850

I've just recently upgraded my pc to a phenom II x4 955 black 3.2GHz and gigabyte GA-890 mother board. I'm now thinking of upgrading my graphics from an 8800gts 640mb (although dxdiag says it's 2GB???) there is nothing wrong with the card, however after 6 hours and no gaming speed test said it was running at 50 degrees (is that normal?)

Anyway I'm thinking of either the gtx460 or radeon 5850. I'm not planning on sli any time soon and want the card that will run coolest. I normally go for nvidia but is the 5850 really worth the extra £40

Or is it even worth upgrading from the 8800gts, all the games I've tried (except crysis 1) have run well at 1600x1050 with medium to high settings
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  1. What is your budget?
  2. I don't really want to spend too much more than £150, I can get the GTX460 for £146 after staff discount from where I work. But after looking online I could get a GTX560 for the same price. The 5850 is £180 after discount.

    I guess the next question would be is there a noticeable difference between a 460 and a 560, both have 1GB GDDR 5
  3. Get the 560. I can say I did a build for a guy, and we used a gtx 570 and it was a very nice card. When we were researching the 560 vs 570, there were only a few frames per second difference.
  4. If you are getting the GTX 560 for the same price as that of a GTX 460, my vote goes to the GTX 560.
  5. Definitely the GTX 560. Would have even been better if it was the GTX 560 Ti.

  6. 50C ? my 8800 idles at 50C.
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