New build will not turn on :(

Hey guys,

I just built the PC you guys help me buy the other day.

When I test-built outside the case, it worked.

Now, with everything plugged in, the computer turns on for like 4-sec then shuts down and repeats this on-off cycle forever.

What could be wrong ? :(
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  1. hmm, did you use the case standoffs while mounting your mobo?

    trying to think of what would of changed between your outside the case setup and placing everything in the case.

    Try testing outside the mobo again. Does it still work?
  2. I would double check all connections.
  3. I found out. There was a piece of rubber (wtf) that was stuck on the fan of the PSU. I removed it and the fan started working, and cpu turned on. On to installing windows!
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