To Biostar or not to Biostar that is the question

Well, basically I'm considering using their AMD mobo, people say they are crap,and I would like to know why. I'm looking for experience with the Biostar boards. :heink:
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  1. I have used them in a some of my customers builds and only had one fail out of 3 builds . I think after socket 775 they started making decent boards. They use to be no frills kinda board but now are much better. From the reviews I have read they seem more reliable too. I personally use Asus for any of my builds.
  2. I've had good luck with two I purchased. A 2-year old TA790GX I used in a build for my brother has proven to be a beast of an overclocker, too. I got his AMD X2 550 up to 3.7GHz at stock voltage on that board. The only bad thing with that particular board is I can't unlock the 550's severed cores on it. That CPU will unlock on two other Gigabyte boards, though. Biostar told me it's because the board has a single-plane power design, and AMD's quads require dual-plane power distribution.
  3. i would personally go with asrock, asus or gigabyte. and i agree with christop that they make fairly decent mobo's
  4. I personally like Msi, but biostar showed up with the color theme i liked for my case mod, and it was cheaper.
  5. I've used Biostar in 4 builds and have had zero problems with them. They're affordable and decent features for the price.
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    I too have personally owned two AMD Biostars and theyve been good for me as well. Gave them a try for being cheap and good reviews and no problems.
  7. Sounds good,Maybe I will.
  8. Which models do you two own?
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