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I bought a A890GXM-A version 1 motherboard in 9 JULY 2010. This was a complete gaming rig build to my specs but the board was recommended by the store i bought my PC from. My choice was a Gigabyte board. The ECS mboard failed after just over a year and was replaced under warranty by Asbis the importers of ECS in South Africa with the same type but ver2. NOW 11 months down the line the board has failed AGAIN!!! I contacted Asbis who refuse to honour the two year warranty saying the board is out of the warranty period, and the warranty expired 29/06/2012. THIS IS THE DATE THEY SUPPLIED THE BOARD TO THE RESELLER and not when I took delivery of the computer. I CONTACTED ECS, who just told me to sort it out with Asbis, even though they acknowledge that Asbis IN NOT THE DISTRIBUTION AGENT FOR ECS IN AFRICA ANY MORE!!!

BEWARE as not one of the two boards make it to the implied warranty period! First Board 14months and second board 11 months. This is a black series board that supports overclocking and I don't even want to think how overclocking would have affected the duration of these boards!!! I'm running a AMD Phenom II 2800 hex core CPU, 2 banks of Kingmax DDR3 x 2 gigs each and a INNO3D GTS250 black series GPU. Std fan and heatsink on CPU and 3 fans in my case. 2x 100mm extraction and one 75mm feeder fan
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  1. Depending on the laws in the country ECS might be right but in the states anything after 30days you go through manufacturer. What PSU is in use, can be the culprit for other dead hardware?
  2. Hi Rolli I have a Gigabyte 650w PSU. The problem is the place that used to import ECS is no longer ECS' agents. So this now is an ECS problem. They build the board they will sort it out. I have tried ECS USA but they referred me back to Asbis who was the distributor in SA. apparently their product manager is not fluent in English as i explained that Asbis is no longer their agent
  3. Stuck between rock and a hard place then. Tried ECS global site
  4. damn ! thats bad news for my board
  5. This issue was solved by our ECS Headquarter. If the customer still has any question, feel free to contact us.
  6. ECS has stepped up to the plate and solved this issue. My new board will be shipped from China to South Africa. Thank you very much ECS.
  7. Good news, nice to see manufacturers care about their reputation! Thumps up ECS!!
  8. rolli59 said:
    Good news, nice to see manufacturers care about their reputation! Thumps up ECS!!

    Would you recommend me ECS GTX 550ti. Is the brand reliable for graphic cards?
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