Biostar TZ77B Motherboard

I am trying to find a suitable motherboard for a build I'm hoping to purchase today. Ideally, I want a motherboard that will good with my build (link above) that will work good with Adobe software and be decent for gaming. I don't need the best motherboard, in fact, I'm trying to conserve the price a little bit.

I came across the Biostar TZ77B Motherboard and thought it could be decent.

What are your thoughts on this motherboard? Or are there better?
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  1. Asrock z77 Extreme4
  2. I would love that but the price is WAY higher then I would like. Currently it is $132 on the Egg.

    I am going to probably wait to buy the motherboard until the August deals kick in.

    Would this be a better choice? The AsRock Z77 Pro 3?

    Or possibly the AsRock Z77 Pro 4? (if I got this, I need a reason why this over Pro3)
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