Problem - freezes and screen becomes chopped and spread across moniter

Hi, having this problem with a computer I built a computer a couple years ago and am having this problem.

Firstly - the parts used in my build.
--- motherboard - biostar mcp6p m2+ - more info here:
--- cpu - AMD Athlon II X2 245 2.90 GHz - same as here:
--- hdd - refurbished seagate 500GB 5900RPM
--- os - Window 7 64bit
--- case - Raidmax windstorm
--- moniter - Dell IN2010NB
If you dont want to read this much, but still want to help, skip to the images at the bottom and skim the first paragraph.
Thanks for any help anyone can provide.

Now the problem:
I really don't know how to explain it very well. Sometimes my computer is running and It just "crashes" and the current view on the moniter is all choppy and spread around the screen. the moniter looks similer to when you run a slow computer and it freezes and you drag a window and it looks "spread out". That is really the best I could do to put it into words. Therefore, at the end I have put up a few images of what the moniter looks like when this occurs.

This use to happen alot when I first got it and thought it was the hard drive, so I got a new Refurbished one from seagate. It turns out my hard drive was messed up, but this problem was still there. Then I thought it might be the motherboard, so I tried to get some support from biostar who whenever I called would either not answer or be off hours, which led me to their voicemail. I even left a voice mail and sent an email, but no still no reply after over a year ago. Then I got frustrated and took everthing in the computer apart and put it back together, which somehow fixed the problem. Until recently I hadn't seen this problem for a while. Now I recently found out my processor was cooking because i had forgotten to use thermal compound the first time around. So I open it up and took the cpu out and applied the compound which help with heat a lot. Now the problem is back and it is frustrating. It doesnt happen as often but sometimes when I'm running a game or multiple heavy programs such as photoshop, visual studio, itunes, and chrome, it happens.

Then, I thought that maybe taking everything out and putting it back together might work like last time, but no such luck.


Please reply with any help you may be able to provide.
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  1. I'm at work and cannot access the pictures, but...
    What PSU do you have? Without a dedicated GPU, you don't need much power, but if you've got a cheap Raidmax PSU in your case, it may be (or may have been) putting out irregular voltages causing these crashes (or permanent damage), especially if it is a few years old. Get something like the cheapest Earthwatts (currently the EA-430D) or Corsair "Builder" series PSU.
    What games have you been playing? If you don't have a separate graphics card, I'm not even sure how well your IGP could handle Flash games, never mind anything 3D. If you do have a separate graphics card, that's more cause to worry about a cheap PSU having bitten the dust.
  2. Hi, thanks so much for the input. I was hoping to avoid spending even the smallest bit of money on this computer since I'm saving up to get another one. For now I opened it up and made sure all the psu connections were proper and snug a couple days ago and havent seen the problem again yet. I'll surely be back here if this happens but for now seems to have done the trick. Thanks so much again.
  3. Well then, hopefully something was just loose.
  4. Hey, I know this has been dead for a while... but since last time, the problem wasn't really fixed. The solution was only temporary. Every other month or so it keeps happening again and I open it up and go in there with an air duster can and blow the dust out, and it fixes it for a while, but then it happens again. Its been happening a lot recently, and I went it there to clean out the dust, but this time that didn't help. I thought it might be because of heat on the processor, but I've been running CoreTemp and its running at around 27-28 degrees Celsius. Please help?!?
  5. Have you reseated all your PSU cables again? You never answered as to what your PSU was. If you replace it, you would carry over whatever you get into your new system, so it would not be money wasted; although that may not be your current problem.
  6. Hey, I'm sorry for such a late reply, but i can't even get the computer to stay long enough to reply to this post, so I'm writing this from my iPad.
    Here's a picture of the PSU label, it's the default one that came with the Raidmax case.

    I'm so sorry for the inconvenience of having to share the photo with you through Evernote, but that's all my phone can upload to.
  7. Oh yeah, I'm rewired all the cables and cleaned out some dust, but no help.
  8. Oooh, that IS a cheap chokemax PSU. Hopefully it hasn't killed your system, but honestly I'm not optimistic. You should definitely replace it, keeping in mind that it won't be wasted money, since you'll use whatever you get in your new rig.
  9. This migh not be so helpful but, have you tried installing XP? I know it is an old OS but I have the same MOBO and I experience the same problems as you.

    I have tried to install windows 7 serveral times so far, 32 & 64 bit versions, but as soon as I start using the pc, it freezes just like yours, no BSOD, no beeping, it just freezes.

    I've read that it has something to do with windows 7 and the ACPI, but even after I have tried several configs on the bios, the results are the same, it freezes randomly in less than an hour.
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