Help with first build PLZ!!

Ok so I managed to build my pc for the first time and when I connected it to the monitor I managed to get into the bios and it looked like everything was working. I then tried to manage the cables and put the case back together and I'm having the following problems:

The heatsink fans aren't turning on when they were before

I am getting no loading screen or any signal through to my monitor

And when I turn the computer on with the power button I can't turn it back off

Are their any likely parts I have damaged or should check? All advice is appreciated thanks!
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  1. Go through this guide step by step pay attention to the motherboard standoffs.
  2. Ok thanks
  3. Found the problem the separated 4 pins on my 20 pin motherboard power supply had slipped slightly out when i tried to manage the cables!
  4. Great all running good then?
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