SSD Harddisk better fps? game loading ?.

Hello people.

Do we have better fps in games while we play on a SSD disk ?, what i see is loadings are much faster but i think it wont help with fps, So i want to ask it. Its my first post i apologize if i post this in the wrong tread.

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  1. It doesn't help with FPS at all, just loading. Although I suppose "technically" it will help remove some framerate dips when loading a new area, say in an RPG, and also you probably won't see that little pause when saving/autosaving that many games have.

    BTW, it's just an SSD... it's not a disk at all.
  2. I'd say it's in the wrong place, but is not that we can't give you an answer 8)

    And you're correct. SSD's only help in load times and, in exceptional cases, when you depend on the Virtual Memory (which gamers should not depend on :P) for memory swapping. That last part is theory though from how memory management works, nothing more; fortunately never seen it.

  3. SSD will lower your load and save times. It does not improve frame rates.
  4. I dont believe that. i think you tryd it on a very slow ssd, i bougt a expensive one.
  5. Actually yes if you use it properly in such a way that you move your virtual memory or also known as page file over on to the SSD to take advantage of much better random 4K read and write performance. It does smooth out the dips in games like gta 4 that have a large memory footprint and when multy boxing wow. It also improve performance with video editing applications.
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