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I had a weird situation happen to me, the other day I tried to connect to my wireless router that I had not set up since I moved, and it couldn't find it. SO i reset the router and now I cant even connect via a hard line. I reset the router again and accessed the menu in it, I updated the firmware and everything looks fine, but I cant connect to the internet. In the status tab I have an ip address and no errors, any advice?
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  1. So you can connect to the router wirelessly, but you're unable to use the internet?
  2. no I am unable to connect to the internet period.
  3. Can, you see the router? (when you look for wireless connections) What make and model is the router?
  4. I dont really need the wireless, I am much more concerned about hardwiring so I can hook up two computers for gaming. I can however see the router when I search for a wireless signal. It is a linksys WRT54G.
  5. Is your modem connected into the right port? (you never know) is your modem showing that it is connected to your ISP? if not it is most likly going to require one of those 2 hours on hold calls to your ISP.
  6. Yes both of those are a positive.
  7. Hmm, I'd say it is either a setting in your router (but having reset it, pretty much rules that out) possibly a cable problem, or something phsically wrong with the router.

    Do you have 2 Computers? If so you could try pinging one another. other then that I'm fairly stumped myself.

    Can you bypass the router? hook directly into the modem? If so then I dunno I'd call up linsys or the store you bought it from and see if you can take it back and get a replacement. but from the sounds of it, you purchased it a while ago.

    Sorry I haven't been much help, troublshooting ftw =/
  8. @srobison62
    After modem--->router--->2computers are connected. Make sure to power-cycle the network.
    That is, switch off the modem and router. Wait for 2minutes and then turn on the modem first. Wait for 2minutes and then turn on the router.
    The computers need not restart.
    What kind of internet connection do you have, Cable/DSL ? And whats the name of the modem?

    P.S. Don't give up on your router yet. Cause it sounds like it works fine. It just needs to be setup correctly.
  9. Linksys. Router on dsl I am using it like a hub right now and it's working fine. The modem cable is plugged into one of the four ports along with the two computers with nothing plugged into the Internet port.
  10. Sometimes for DSL connections, it may show you a [private IP, like 192.168.x.x] IP address on the status page of your router and you may not be able to go online.
    In those cases you may have to make the modem a full bridge mode. The ISP can help you to do this.
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