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hopefully someone can help me. I recently took my computer into a shop and they replaced my hard drive after having CHKDSK run every time I tried to use my computer. I wasn't thrilled with their work and have decided not to take it back. I am not having CHKDSK errors any longer but am now experiencing memory dumps whenever I play a game. I haven't tried a ton of things so far, but two days ago I took one of my RAM sticks out to see if it was possibly faulty. I had no problem with dumps for two whole days after taking it out, then out of the blue it dumped again. Could it be possible that both sticks are faulty? I'm getting frustrated and really don't want to buy a new computer, please help.
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  1. Download memchk from MS. Sounds like bad RAM but it may also be a mother board issue cropping up. The reason I say MOBO is that you were also having drive issues. Although memory dumps can also cause something on your drive to be corrupted and cause chkdsk to happen at bootup.
  2. Thanks, I will give it a try and post back with the results.
  3. Ok, I let memchk run all night and no errors were found. Does this point to my mobo?
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