My pc turns on and then turns off ina half second

hi i have a pc that the past week stop working, one day i left the computer in sleep mode and then the next day i didnt turn on for nothing
but when i turn the switch off and back on it will light up for a half second and turns off, so i figure my ps went out so i bought a new one from frys a antec 750w put in and nothing so i decided to take the cpu off and i noticed there were like blackesh right next to the cpu well where it sits on the motherboard so here are ther specs
-asus crosshair 4 formula
-phenom six core-
-750 ultra ps and the antec that i bought
-6gig of ozx something ram
-hd radeon 6770 gpu
-coolmaster cooler with two fans on the sides
ima continue to troubleshoot it
so let me know if any ideas might help
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  1. Can you see where the black stuff came from looks like a bad motherboard.
  2. Last time it happened here I did burn the motherboard.
  3. yea it might be the motherboard tomorrow ima go get a crosshair 5 extrme motherboard
  4. ill let u guys know the results tomorrow
  5. @rolli it came from aside of the cpu ill try to post a pic for it
  6. so is it a burn mark or some kind of sticky stuff?
  7. no its like brown and blck combine but so i got a hold of some parts and test them out so i took my phenom cpu and put it in the other mb and it boot just fine
    i tried everything else before i purchase a new crosshair but this V not IV is ther something i should try
    and again thanks for the help
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