Asus crosshair v formula LED lit, but not powering up

Got the same issue as many others, but their solutions have not fixed my problem. I bought new mobo, new ram, new hdd, and new processor. first try computer powers up. but i got no signal to my screen, rest seems to work well. i tried moving the gpu (Radeon 5850) to the alternative pci-e x16 slot, same thing. no signal, moved the gpu back to first slot, now it wont power up anymore. LED buttons, O.C, Start and Reset are all lit the second i turn the psu on. But that's it, no response after that, seems dead.

I also noticed from my mobo manual that my processor isnt compatible, i got a phenom II 980 (3,7ghz) and the supported list end at phenom 975, but i have seen reviews and builds using my processor and mobo, so shouldnt be a problem.. have a few steps to take before i'm lost for it, but if anyone got suggestions, i'm up for it.
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  1. Ok, short update.

    I have unplugged and unscrewed everything, put the mobo on a paper box, with the nonstatic plastic it arrived in, plugged my PSU to it, left cpu and used only first memory slot. powered on the PSU, LED lights lit up. but nothing happens when pressing start on the mobo. I'm getting more certain it's the mobo, but then again it's odd that it did power up a few times at first, but showed no signal to the gpu, and now it wont even power on with the bare mobo outside the chassi, no fans work, no sound is made, no other LED's are lighting or blinking.

    Next i will grab my brothers computer, altough it is an intel, i'm curious to see if his PSU works with my mobo, and i need to find out if my gpu is working.. if the gpu is working and the other more powerful PSU dont power this *** up, i cant conclude that it's anything else then the mobo that's ***. I just hope it's not both gpu and mobo..

    But i would appreciate help and suggestions.
    if u need some information from me to help me, dont hesitate to ask.
  2. I hate to say it, but it sounds like you got a DoA mobo my friend...

    Don't hold me to it, but it seems like when there is an issue with video output, it always leads back to the mobo being unstable.
    I wouldn't worry though, this happens... just RMA the mobo.
    Since its an ASUS Crosshair Formula V, I'm not going to question its design.
    ASUS makes solid mobos... this one was just a bad board that made it past QC.
  3. I completed my build my self : Asus Formula V, AMD phenom 2 X6 1090t, Corsair vengance 8gig and a Asus 560 ti top gpu. i have the same ******* problem. I turn on the comp and all of the led's and fan's are light up and spinning. i have tried to switch the gpu between the pci slot's and done the same with the RAM, once in a while the computer "boots" up so i can enter the BIOS. after 1 min or so the comp/moterboard freez and i have to do all the switching again. it's 4 led's on the left side on the MB. it's : CPU_LED, DRAM_LED, VGA car_LED, Boot_LED. my "DRAM_LED are lights up almost everytime i tries to start up the comp. after trying to clear CMOS and reset. the pc MAYBE gets to where i can eneter bios.... and i'm getting no signal from on my screen somtimes...
  4. I have the same problem. LED ( O.C., Start, Reset) lit but no start up.....shame on ASUS
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