BSOD after installing new GTS450


Have sussed this i think just wanted to check my method is ok and new drivers.

After installin card and new PSU (after old 8600gt expired !) kept getting BSOD and shutting down.

I then decided to start up in Safe mode and install older nvidia driver from disk and then restarted normally and all seem to be great (early days yet ;) )

Just not sure about updating latest driver again or was it because it was for 8600gt which is DX9 or something and slightly different??

Cheers Kev :sol:
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  1. What brand and model power supply do you have?
  2. (It's the home pc in my members config)

    New Cx430watt corsair and Palit gts450 1gb ddr3

    28a on +12v rail i think

    Cheers Kev :sol:
  3. That should be enough so I suggest that you rma that card and see how things go from there. Do you have any other but older cards that are known to work or could barrow one?
  4. Seems fine now after loading slightly older driver from cd , so will give a day or two then try reloading newest driver from nvidia and see if all ok still :pt1cable:

    If then not ok will take advice and return card.

    By the way is the driver the same if you download the 8600gt or the Gts450 version??

    Cheers Kev :sol:
  5. Nvidia doesn't do people that way they pack the driver for all their Gefor6 through to gtx 590 in one package so it is easy. The only difference is support and for newer cards needs a newer package. Just go on their site and download the latest package and give it a try.
  6. Will do ! :)

    Cheers Kev :sol:
  7. 1. Uninstall all old GFX drivers.
    2. Reboot ... if you get a prompt to install drivers cause it found new hardware, do a Nancy Regan and "Just say no".
    3. Use a registry editor to remove all nVidia GFX related items in registry.
    4. Turn off machine and install new card.
    5. Boot ....say "no" again if prompted.
    6. Install latest driver.
  8. Thanks for reply can you recommend a good safe reg editor as havent used one before.

    Cheers Kev
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