Power supply prevents one of three hard drives from sometimes showing up


I recently built a media server using what I thought were quality, brand new components. After about a month of running without any issues, one of my three drives began having read/write errors.

Upon opening the PC and unplugging and plugging everything back in I have come to a couple of conclusions:

One of the SATA power supply leads is working intermittently. Since there are two leads with two plugs on each, I am only able to power two drives consistently. The other lead sometimes works.

Oddly enough, I have purchased a molex to sata adaptor, but it does not power up any of my SATA drives (although it powers the fans just fine).

Can anyone help explain what is happening?


*Edit - Here are the specs:

Corsair 430w PSU

3 - 2tb Western Digital Green Drives

2gb Kingston Ram

Asus Mobo

AMD Athlon X2 CPU
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  1. maybe power supply is not high enough wattage?
  2. The 430 watt PSU should be more than adequate for your purposes.

    Unlike the regular SATA power plug, the SATA adapter cannot provide 3.3 volts.

    Your PSU should be under warranty. Return it.
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