PC rebooting while playing games

PC specs:
Core i7 920
Nvidia GTX 275
700 Watt PSU


GPU ~ 50-54c (fan at 100%)
System ~45c
CPU ~39c
Core 0-4 ~44-48c

During gameplay

GPU max temperature ~80c (fan at 100%)
CPU upto ~60c

I've had this problem for a while, and I have thought it was temperature issues, but I'm not sure anymore. Last night I tried to play and within 30 minutes of play with GPU temp reaching only 75c my pc rebooted. I tried to play again and within 20mins I had a reboot with about the same temps.

I have tried cleaning my system many times, but the problem keeps on happening.
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  1. have you tried playing over games, and does it have the same problem?

    try using the same PSU on another computer and see if you have the same problem, or use another PSU on this one.
  2. video stress de pc.....memory test... and hmmm does the PSU get really really hot? is there alot of dust in it...
  3. Are you overclocking any of your components?
    Are you BSODing or just reboot out of no where?
    run memtest, prime95, and furmark to make sure those 3 components are running well.
  4. I'm not overclocking anything, and I will run those test and post the results.
  5. Furmark made me reboot ~9minutes max temperature was 106c but towards the end it was bouncing between 104 and 105
  6. I prime 95'd it for 20mins but temps reached 92c and i got scared ill fry the chip so i stopped it
  7. what case do you have?
  8. ok so cooling is not the issue probly....
  9. What is the brand and model of your PSU?
  10. I was just playing and monitoring the temps and with the gpu on 65c the pc reset, so i doubt it is the temps
  11. The PSU i have is :

    apparently it's a piece of trash, but I want to be certain the PSU is the problem before I go out and buy a new one.

    I was just playing World of warcraft for about 3hours during these 3 hours my pc shut down 3 times

    @11:12pm first reset
    @1:07am second reset
    @1:51am third reset

    During these resets my GPU was under 75c and CPU under 55c

    Again it only shuts down when I play games, can it be a PSU issue?
  12. Yes, a PSU can cause abnormal shutdowns during games.
  13. Bump, still don't know the culprit that is making my pc shut down

    I have had my pc on for like 10+ hours right now watching movies and it has not shut down once
  14. Can you get a hold of a decent psu from a friend or something so you can see if thats the problem? Some cheaper brand psu, even though theyre rated at 700w can give out under load even at low loads like 400ish.
  15. Nope, I can buy one, but I don't want to spend the $ unless I know that is the definite problem.
  16. Unfortunately I'd say you're at a point where you have to start doing process of elimination with your hardware components. There's definitely something going on with either your heat levels or electricity, and if the psu is rated poorly that's the first culprit you should test. Go to a local computer shop and ask what their return policy is. Explain your situation, and they might take pity on you and let you test a new PSU in your system at the shop.
  17. Tomorrow I will buy a new PSU, and run memtest, but the only thing that I'm still unsure of is that my PC shut off after 10 minutes or furmark and my GPU was at 105c, I mean It never gets that hot during games, but still.

    Also unsure about my CPU getting to 90c from prime95 after 20ish minutes.
  18. Those are bad temps to hit. Do you get any indication as to why your computer has rebooted? Like when you log into windows after a bsod you get a box that says your computer recovered from an unexpected shutdown. That popup creates a dump file with information about what went wrong. If your psu is the culprit you wont get that. Usually when your overheating your BIOS will tell you on bootup. If memory is unstable or CPU is then you will bsod and you'll get the message on next bootup
  19. I never get a bsod , It just reboots and when I boot it back it It tells me I think that the system did no shut off properly If i want to boot in safe mode or regular, but no BSOD.
  20. One thing you could check is output voltages on your psu. Download and install speedfan on your computer and check the 12v, 5v, and 3.3v reported voltages. It shouldnt be more than +/-10% off. I'm not too sure how accurate speedfan is.

    If you have a multimeter and feel probing your mobo and psu, you can check it manually:
  21. Here is a hardware monitor after 5mins of gameplay

  22. Just installed the corsair gs700 gonna test it now
  23. 30mins no reset and the temperature difference is amazing while playing GPU ~55c and CPU 37c, no resets yet and in zones where my gpu used to be 85c is now 55c.

    THANK YOU ALL!!!!!
  24. Sounds good, let us know if your still problem free after a couple hours, but hopefully your problem is solved
  25. 96C CPU and 106C GPU? The problem is clearly heat. I know my CPU is only rated to go up to 70C (I'm sure yours is a bit higher), and my GPU is only rated to reach 100C before it gets damaged.
  26. been playing for 4 hours and no reset =D
  27. low Amps to video card 42 and up
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