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I was given a HP Pavilion Phoenix Special Edition a6655f AMD Phenom quad core 9150e 1.8 ghz with the HD said to have a problem.
I am thinking about getting a Seagate 1TB bare drive $69.00 and replacing the 5 1x2 and 3x1 gig ddr2 with 8 gig of better quality 4x2 this is the max the MOBO can take. The new drive would get a oem WIN 7 of some variety based on cost and mabee a video card. Would this be wise?
My old system is a gateway with a Pentium D 820 2 gig ram 320 HD and i added a Radeon x800 video card.
Will I be wasting money or will the HP be decent for surfing I tunes and spread sheets ect no real gaming except card games
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  1. 4xddr2 cost 4x25=$100 and its obsolete stuff so i would say thats not worth it unless you got some memory instability right now.

    Can you get a Seagate 1TB right now for $69? HDD price have gone up the roof at the moment so its really cheap if you can get it at %69 Price on new eggs is now around 120
  2. It will be fine for no gaming since the quad allows for multitasking.
  3. If all your doing is surfing the web and playing music then it really isn't a waste of money.It's an old CPU but it's still a quad core which exceeds the requirements for your usage and should last you a while longer.

    4GB is the sweet spot for using Windows 7 but make sure you use the 64-bit version or else it won't regiznize or use more than 4GB of RAM.In all honesty if all your doing is simple internet browsing you won't need more than 4GB of RAM.

    Here's the specs on your PC so be sure to follow the upgrade paths, such as the correct speed of RAM you will need.
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