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Processor choice

Hello,i am planning to upgrade the processor for a compaq presario cq61-107tu.any choices,please help.
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  1. Laptops are difficult if not impossible to upgrade.

    You are better off selling the existing laptop and buying a new one.
  2. First thing you need is a service manual. Beware do not open a laptop without one or you will end up with a broken one.
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    Your CPU is probably PGA478 type or in other words Socket 478. Check here:

    That means the only upgrade there is is a Pentium 4 CPU. It would be faster than Celeron one but sluggish compared to any decent CPU on the market (if BIOS accepts your new CPU and if you manage to get one in). Here is what I have found:
    Pentium 4 is 2x slower than same frequency Pentium D
    Pentium D is 2x slower than same frequency Pentium Core Duo
    Pentium Core Duo would be 2x if not more slower than current Intel i3 offerings
    In other words you can be looking at 16x or more in raw power increase from P4 to Intel i3.
    IMO time to upgrade. Pentium 4 is generations back. Celeron is just a handicapped version of one.

    Good luck!
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  5. :sarcastic: thank you bro.i will check it out.all the best to you guys
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