Onboard Audio stops intermittently

Using the onboard audio, the sound intermittently goes out on my system, with the only solution that I've found being a system reboot.

Any suggestions on a short-term fix ("reset" the driver, short of a system reboot), and a long-term fix (debugging the cause and preventing future occurrences)?

This is Gigabyte KV8M800M (I know -- ancient hardware -- I use it to run some old Win2000 apps)
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  1. did you get the problem at the very beginning of using the motherboard, or the problem appeared recently?
    Tried to clarify if there is any newly installed/updated programs, bioses, drivers or software causing it.
  2. It's been happening for a while - but not from day-1. Unfortunately, the frequency is so sporadic, that it's hard to tie it back to any particular change. It's rare for it to happen more than a couple times a week, and it may go a couple weeks between happening (this is with 2-4 hours of use per day).

    I mostly notice it when switching in/out of a couple of GameHouse.com games -- but I'm *pretty* sure I recall it happening before installing them. I think I just notice it with them because they're the only apps with sound that I use with any regularity.
  3. Audio driver may need some update for your system.
    Did you already check it?
  4. The current driver was already installed. I did a re-install yesterday, just to be sure. Hard to know if it had an effect, immediately, since the system can go a week or two between errors.
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