Intel I7-860 Overheating?


I have the Intel I7-860 processor and this problem happened twice today when playing Battlefield 3. The monitor displayed some crazy distorted image and the speaker were making a really scratching loud noise and everything is locked up. Only way is to hard reset the computer.

So I downloaded SpeedFan and it appears that my Cores are around 50-50C when idle, however reaches 95-99C when playing Battlefield 3. I remember reading that 70C should be the temperature when under load, so I think this overheating might be the reason I'm getting those freezes. Is this temperature normal and what can I do to reduce the temperature? I do remember applying thermal compound when I installed the CPU fan and it's the stock fan.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated, thanks!

CPU: I7-860
GFX: Raden 5850
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  1. yup, there is temperature problem, if temperature goes to above normal then computer get stuck and slow and also get hanged so you must Install authentic brand cooling fans in your CPU which through the air outside the CPU.
    Also check Heat-sink fit on the mobo or not?
  2. It's far from normal. I suspect that something is wrong with your cooling setup; perhaps the heatsink isn't properly seated? In any event, don't put load on the CPU until you've identified and fixed the problem. Overheating can cause damage.

    I suggest you also download CPUID HWMonitor, and check your BIOS settings to confirm the high temperatures.
  3. Thanks for your reply. Here are the screenshot from the two programs. Do you guys see any abnormal settings here?

    Uploaded with

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  4. 50C at idle is way too high. I suggest you remove the heatsink, clean off the old paste, re-apply, and reseat. There are plenty of good videos on Youtube that show how to do this. Make sure you apply a thin, even layer of paste, and that the heatsink is seated firmly.
  5. ^+1 better yet buy cheap high quality cooler like the CM 212+ or Xigmatek Gaia.
    My i7 860 is slightly overclocked and idles under 30C/Thermalright MUX-120/22C room temp.
  6. So I opened up the case today and my god, it has to be the dirtiest computer ever. There's so much dust and lint everywhere, especially all over the CPU Cooler. I cleaned everything off with compressed air and now it runs idle around 40-45C.

    I also noticed that the grease already dried up between the Cooler and CPU. I ordered the artic compound remover and this CPU cooler and will re-apply that when I get it, and hopefully that will have some effect to getting it down to around 30C.

  7. If the grease dried up, chances are the seal wasn't tight enough and air got in. Be careful when you re-apply.
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