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I'm having a problem being able to share or even see devices across the wired and wireless parts of the network. I have approx. 12 desktops with various Windows versions from XP to Win 7 plus 3 WAP54G configured as floating for 5 laptops running Vista Home Premium. I used to be able to see all wired and wireless devices and share folders on the network. But either something changed when we moved and re-setup the network, or with addition of Win 7 on a couple of computers. Help.
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  1. Ppl would like to help, but the problem is too broadly stated. Be specific.
  2. Ok, what do you need to know? ISP is Cox Cable with a Cox provided Motorola modem, into one Cisco Broadband Router into a Cisco WAP54 Wireless-G Access Point and into a 16 port 3-Com Super Stack Switch with all 16 ports occupied, which in turn supplies a 24-port patch panel which runs out to as many RJ-45 wall receptacles, two of which supply 2 additional Cisco WAP54 Wireless-G Access Points. From modem to wall receptacles everything is CAT6e, but from wall to computer there are a few remaining CAT5e cables. The office space is approximately 3,500 sq. ft.

    We have no problems with connectivity or bandwidth or downtime. Occasionally the modem has to be reset, which is no big deal. The problems we're having are all related to sharing on the network. Some computers can see all the others, some divide them up into groups according to whether they're wired or wireless, and still others divide them further by which wireless access point they are getting their signal from.

    There is a tower that acts as the server for our access database. On that tower resides the data share folder. No one can access that folder. I've tried everything I can think of. Does anyone know what might be the problem?
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    You could recheck/ redo the 16 port 3-Com Super Stack Switch. If I'm not mistaken that's a Layer 3 switch.
    To find out if it is the switch, bypass the switch. connect 2 computers directly to the router.
    check their ips, ping each other and try to access the shared folders using the ip address.
    If that works, its the switch.
  4. Thanks, I did check the switch and it's ok. I partially fixed the problem by changing the firewall settings on the server computer. That fixed most of the problems, though not all.
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