First computer build, need some help please ^^

I am no way new to computers, I have upgraded nearly every component of a few computers in my time, but never have I built one from scratch. My build, im pretty sure the components all work together. I just have some general questions..

Well, to start, I read that I should only be getting DDR3 1600 RAM. I heard that the mobo cannot recognize anything else without overclocking. I have only done minor overclocking, so perhaps I should stick with the 1600? I have a budget of about 1500$ (my build is only 1100), so I can spend more on parts.

This will be my gaming PC, and I want it to run BF3 and get pretty good FPS. Would my graphics card be good enough for this? Is it more worth it to use SLI or just get the geforce 580?

Now, having never built a PC before from scratch, some minor concerns. I noticed that my HD and DVD drive are OEM. Sooo... Where am I getting / what connectors am I getting?

Ill take any suggestions and help ^^.
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  1. Checked your rig. For BF3, GTX570 is a better option. Get a bigger SSD and get RAM's that are CL7. Otherwise rest of the stuff looks fine.

    If you are going to SLI, then get a full tower case.
  2. Alright, so I get the geforce 570. Is the 570 the one where 2 gfx cards are on top of each other with integrated SLI? Or is that a different one...

    Why get a bigger SSD? Only a few games and my OS is going on it, I do not expect that to take up 64GB...
  3. A bigger one just for the room. I had my OS partition as 100GB and now i have only 10GB left (without any games in it). The OS partition does bloat up in time with all the updates and MS-Office stuff. Also Windows 7 isn't a small one either.
  4. No the 570 is a single gpu updated version of the Gtx 470. Its a tad slower than the 580. But it all depends what resolution you are running.
  5. What resolution is the monitor you're going to be using?
  6. Alright, sounds easy. I still have 250$ to spare after the SSD upgrade and gtx 570. Just 2 more things. What about my RAM? is the 1600 plenty, or should I go higher. I can figure out how to OC my BIOS to accept higher RAM, but is it needed?
    And then the connectors for my HD... What am I getting? I have never bought OEM parts for a computer.
  7. Probably going to be running a 1920x1080 resolution.
  8. Then GTX570 is the best. That lots of room for the SSD increase and GTX570, as i said for the RAM's CL7 if you can find one and a full tower case if you have SLI in mind for the future.
  9. Since you have some cash to spare, I would personally get a beefier PSU in case you decide to SLI later. Something like
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