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I am a veteran in the software world, but I am fairly new to hardware. I am building a rig that I will use for gaming (mainly MMO, but also other things), surfing, and general purposes. Here are my specs:

Case: Thermaltake VM20001W2Z Armor A60
CPU: Intel Core i7-2600K
Motherboard: ASUS P8P67 Pro B3 Intel P67
RAM: Kingston KHX1600C9D3K2/8GX HyperX
Slave Drive: Western Digital WD1002FAEX 1TB Caviar Black
Main Drive: Western Digital WD3200AAKS Caviar Blue
Extra Fan: Aerocool LightWave
CPU Cooler: Corsair CWCH50-1 Hydro H50 CPU Liquid Cooler

Are all of these parts compatible? I have checked them, and I'm pretty sure they are, but I wanted to be certain.

You may notice that there is no GPU or PSU listed. This is my other reason for posting. I need suggestions for my GPU. I need it to support 3 monitors. I also need it to be able to run pretty much any game on close to full settings (excluding Crysis; that's a bit much :p ). I generally prefer Tiger Direct over Newegg because the prices are usually lower (all of my parts can be found there). Budget isn't a huge issue, but I don't want it to go over $400. I will be happy to include any otehr information that I have missed.
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  1. First of all, you dont need a 2600k for just gaming and general use. Only reason to get a 2600k is if you use applications that would benefit from hyperthreading, which games and general tasks usually do not. The 2500k will save you $100 for a negligible performance difference

    2500k vs 2600k

    In theory you would now be able to spend $500 on GPU(s). What are the resoloutions of your 3 monitors? if they are all 1080p i would go with 2 Radeon 6950s 2gb. Either those or buy one 6970 and get one later. You are going to need the extra GPU muscle to keep modern games at playable frame rates
  2. Well, I probably should have mentioned this, but I also do a lot of Photoshop work, and I am getting into Game Design, so I will need to render. Would you still recommend the 2500k?

    Each monitor is 1920 x 1080. And I guess I'm fine with using and extra $100, so long as it's worth it. Could you send me a link to those cards (at least a picture) because there seem to be a lot of cards like those. If I could see a picture at least, I could find it. Thanks!
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    hyperthreading should help with rendering significatly. If you do a lot of rendering it may be worth getting the 2600k. Forgot to mention before but if you live in the US and near a microcenter you can go in and pick up a 2500k for $180 and a 2600k for $280

    6950 2gb :
    6970 :
  4. Thanks for the processor discount; I will defiantly be taking advantage of that.

    I'm assuming the two GPUs are the first ones in their respective searches. I will be deciding which one to use soon.

    I also need to pick out my PSU. Any suggestions?
  5. Yes. the 6950s you would crossfire right off the bat and the 6970 you would have to add another later unless you raise your budget. 6950s are definitely a better value though. Some models of the 6950 are still unlockable to 6970 speeds.

    As for a PSU 850w will be plenty for either of those cards crossfired. Make sure to get a high quality brands such as antec, corsair, seasonic or xfx and check for bad reviews (newegg has tons more reviews than tigerdirect so you might want to check there).
  6. Great choice! Going to be a solid build
  7. Wait, why are you saying I should get two of either of them? The Radeon 6970 supports 3 monitors, and the 6950 supports 4. It seems a little pointless.
  8. Both cards support 4 monitors each. But supporting 4 monitors doesnt mean it will play new games on 4 monitors with high settings at playable frame rates. You will be hard pressed to run new games with high settings and eyecandy at decent frame rates if you have only one card. You can always start with one card and get another if you find you need it. Btw i would get the 6950 if i were you it is better value than the 6970
  9. Ok, I think I'll go with the 6950. Thanks for the help.
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  11. Ok, wait a minute. I just checked the wattage requirement of the GPU, and it 500w. I'm getting two. And you said I should go with an 850w PSU?! There must be some mistake here.
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