Random restarts due to PSU??

Hi guys i am experiencing quite annoying problem and i am not sure whether is the PSU or another component to blame. my config is :

Windows 7 Ultimate 64 bit on:

QuadCore AMD Phenom II X4 840, 3200 MHz
MoBo Asus M4A77T
chipset AMD 770, AMD K10
Kingston 4 GB DDR3-1333 DDR3
ATI Radeon HD 5670 (1024 MB) 128 bit GDDR5
PSU: no name 600 watt :)

I'll try to be brief. I've recently built my own PC it worked fine when started to give me a couple of freezes during i was doing smth in internet, crashed couple of times during games,( not very often, sometimes it doesn do anything problematic and work fine), and restarts at random. I was thinking it is a problem maybe with the drivers, malware, viruses or not updated win version. Yesterday the power gone down for few minutes and my pc restarted couple times in a row it even restarted when i was in BIOS. I want to narrow the possible reasons for this particular issue. I am starting to think it is the bad PSU which is a chinese piece of ***. And before i go to spend some money on Corsair or whatever better one there is i'd like to exclude the other possible reasons if u could help me with that. Clearly it is not software issue according to the fact it restarted in BIOS. What I have done so far:

- I checked all the wiring
- reseated all possible components
- clean dust
- check the temp and fans (everything is the optimum)
- i havent overclocked the system
- ran some stability test of CPU and RAM for couple of hours. passed well.

something strange i noticed is on +12 rail i have only 11.856 v. before couple of months was 11.944 v. and yesterday i plugged a tv tunner and became 11.755. During game it goes below 11.6 V. And with this PSU i have 25 amp on the +12 V rail.

what do u think is it the PSU because the other option is a failing component maybe Mobo i really dont want to be that.

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  1. Yeah it's most likely the no-name crap psu.
    A quality 400-500W unit isn't expensive @ $40.
    Always buy a reliable psu from a quality maker, costs much less in the long run.
  2. Restarts could be memory issues or overheating.

    If your memory passes memtest86+ and your temps are below 60c on 100% full load then you can rule those out and it's probably the psu.
  3. More than likely it is a power problem.

    Crappy PSU as davcon stated. The fact that there is a voltage drop whenever you connect something is indicative of a poor PSU. Look into a good brand such as Corsair (like you mentioned), Seasonic, or Antec.

    It is better to replace the PSU before it creates problems in other components.
  4. thanks Im gonna buy a new better PSU may be Corsair 550w. it is worthy to try memtest on my memory as well. will update u with the result
  5. Mr Proper said:
    thanks Im gonna buy a new better PSU may be Corsair 550w. it is worthy to try memtest on my memory as well. will update u with the result

    Yes, it is always a good idea to run memtest86 when problems are experienced in the system.
  6. Something strange happened for first time. My comp froze and appeared lines on black screen and for first time i got blue screen. Any suggestions and speculations what could be the reason.
  7. Buy the 550w and try it. If it doesn't fix your problem you can give it back for a refund.

    Power problems can show up in a lot of different ways.

    With your Chinese no name PSU it is hard to figure out the cause of other problems, not to mention they are the source of many of those other problems.
  8. thanks for the replies, guys. last night i conduct memtest86+ (passed without errors), and left my comp for 10 hour on prime95 (didn exceed more than 56-57). So if it is not extremely faulty motherboard tomorrow at this time i will have been a holder and user :)) of this one
    http://www.coolermaster.com/product.php?product_id=6641 lets hope this solved the problem ;)
  9. Could be the PSU, but id also explore other options as well, no sence in dropping extra cash on something that works, anyways sometimes No name PSU's are actually good if your lucky!
  10. Fanbars i agree with you, i dont wanna spend extra cash too. But good thing is that i ll buy something that at least have some more protections and stability. You have any suggestions what else might be the issue?
  11. I checked a review for a Cooler Master GX 450w from a site that I trust and it passed tests as high as 80%W without failing, but it failed randomly when the reviewer tried to take the whole 450. Sometimes it worked at 450 and sometimes it didn't.

    If you extend that out to your potential 550, I would suggest not trying to draw more than about 80% from it (about 450).

    - Edit the below stuff in -

    I just checked a GX 750 review and that failed to even get 80%.

    The Cooler Master brand, in general, tends to work more like the GX 750 than the GX 450 I described.

    I would stay away from it if I were you.

    An Antec EarthWatts 430 is a much safer bet that is not very likely to crash and take your video card & motherboard with it.
  12. Here is a link to a power supply requirements calculator


    I can't stress enough to stick with a trusted brand (Antec, Corsair, Seasonic, XFX).

    If everyone would buy PSUs with those brands, probably half of the problems everyone comes here with would disappear overnight.
  13. I already bought the cooler master, had read some good reviews. so far i havent experienced any shut downs or restarts, hope it was the PSU. But now i have another question, when i check in aida64 and AMD overdrive my 12v rails shows - approximately 11.917. on HWmonitor and OCCT - 12.541v on 12 rail. 11.917 is in BIOS. But i am quite confused which is the proper measurement. :) god damn. :) at least it is all stable so far - 40 hours non stop.
  14. i read a few articles about this matter but nothing helpful. u got any ideas why are the differs of the analytical data.
  15. Maybe it becomes greater when windows is loaded.
  16. It actually becomes lesser meaning the V. on 12 when windows started. But the issue is the different readings. As a matter of fact it is not important so much the system is running stable for now.
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