Gateway LX6810-01 Completely Dead

Recently acquired a Gateway LX6810-01 through a friend and I'm working on figuring out why its dead. I bought it dirt cheap from him to hopefully fix for myself and keep. This series of model has a history of burning out since the computer came stock with the only fan being CPU fan, no case fans. So they would always overheat and shut down.

However my friend said one day he just shut it down and it never came back. I assume it has to do with a burnt out motherboard possible? He replaced the PSU with a quality Antec 550w one, so it's not a PSU issue.

That (at least in my inexperienced mind) has narrowed it down to either a burnt out CPU or a burnt out motherboard. Any idea on how best guess which it is? Or maybe it's both. But for now I would like to only sink money into replacing one of the parts, and if that fails ill get the other.

To summarize:
The computer shows no signs of life. No power, no lights, no fans. There are no LEDs either on the computer. The PSU is brand new. I assume it's either the motherboard or cpu?

Should I try and see if the CPU needs to be replaced first? Or the Motherboard?

Or another factor I haven't taken into account?

Any help would be awesome, im excited to hopefully get this computer up and running again!
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  1. Hi There. I'm having the same problem...same unit. Wondering how/if you ever resolved this issue? I suspect it is the mobo..but am reluctant to replace. Any insight would be appreciated!


  2. I actually did figure out the issue. In my case the video card was dead, and it was killing the rest of the machine with it. After I took the video card out it showed signs of life, however it has no inboard video so I couldn't test it. On faith I bought a video card to replace it and it worked flawlessly.

    So if yours is completely dead, I'd suggest yanking the video card and see if it shows signs of powering on. Feel free to pop me any questions
  3. I will give it a try with a different video card - thank you for following up. I will let you know if that fixes the problem.
  4. Hi Dwashy...I took out the video card and viola...the machine started up! Thanks so very much. I have ordered a new card and will be up and running soon. Again, my thanks!!!
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