Best gaming vid card for $150-160 range?

currently im tryin to build a system.. and ive already bought the hd6850 video card last weekend. After reading the forums I noticed there are other vid cards that are better than the one i got. Which one should i get? the gtx 460, hd6850 or 6870?
The games ill be playing are the new Call of duty black ops, Starcraft 2 and the new upcoming battlefield 3/modern warfare 3.

this is the build so far.
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  1. 6870 if you can squeeze it in @1080p. Otherwise, it's a toss up between the 460 and 6850. If you still have the 6850, I honestly don't know if it's worth the hassle to return it though, with those three choices.
  2. actually im goin to the same store this weekend to pickup rest of the supplies.. the antec 300 case. So thats why i was wondering about it. since ncix has the 6870 on sale. Oh and you mentioned the gtx460, i see lot of diff speeds for the gtx460, so im kinda confused as to which is the best one to get? ive read about the "EVGA" brand being prefered by the games in these forums aswell.
  3. HD 6870 is better than the other two.If it is in your budget,you should definitely grab it.If you have to chose between 6850 and gtx 460,then they are so close that there is no definite winner.In some case the 6850 may be 1-2fps better and in other case the gtx 460 will be1-2fps better.If you want to chose between them then just think about it-Do you need AMD's eyefinity?Do you need Nvidia's Physx?If not,then it is a matter of brand preference and warranty.If you still can't decide,just grab the one which is cheaper.Trust me,you won't be disappointed with anyone of them.They both are great cards.
  4. just noticed this deal at newegg for the 460gtxx...

    goin for $170 buks shipped... damn i cant makeup my mind.. btw i already got the 6850 from ncix for 145.99 through mir.. but since i have to go back to their store this weekend.. i was wonderingg if i can find a better deal or vid card in that budget for exchange or replace.
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