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Does anyone know any updates about the LGA 2011 chipsets of Intel. I was going through Wiki today and saw they are scheduled to be released in Q4 2011. If that is the case, then any benchmarks available? And what happens to Bulldozer then?
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  1. Haven't seen any benchmarks.

    Sandy Bridge-E CPUs do not exactly compete with Bulldozer since they are considered enthusiast CPU and will come with a hefty price.

    Ivy Bridge on the other hand is the more mainstream CPU series and that will compete against Bulldozer. Performance increase over Sandy Bridge on a clock for clock basis has been estimated to be 6% - 10%. Overall, I think the concensus is closer to 6% since the architecture is more or less mature.
  2. Wiki isn't the best source of information though. Haven't read any news of any chips coming out as well. If there is a delay in 2011 chips and Ivy Bridge expected dates are Q2 2012. Wouldn't it be two releases almost too close to each other for Intel to get any market benefits out of both?

    I agree it doesn't compete with Bulldozer in any way... But with Intel's competitive pricing in the LGA 1155 segments. Who knows... LGA 2011 chips may be a good buy as well!
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